Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brendyn @ 18-Month-Olds

Did I mention I have two children? You probably wouldn't know it since I rarely blog about my youngest. I just figured you probably don't care to know  what percentile he ended up in at his last doctor's visit and now that we're hitting the 18-month-mark, we're starting to see Brendyn exert a little more personality in the house and while we're out and about. So to bring you up to speed, I'll give you some fast facts on my favorite little guy.

  •  Brendyn refers to himself as "baby." If I show him a picture of himself or put him in front of the mirror and ask him "who is that?" he says "baby". Still working on getting him to say his own name.
  • Brendyn knows that when my husband gets out his Big Steel Keg to grill - football is on! We've been working on Auburn's battle cry this season and the most we've gotten so far is "Waaaarrr, Hey!" Still working on inserting "Eagle" in between those two words, but he clearly says FOOTBALL and TOUCH DOWN! 
  •  He can go up the flight of stairs in our house in less than 30 seconds. The kid is fast and is a constant climber so he requires my "hawk eye". 
  • He has two stuffed animals that he sleeps with his brown Ty Beanie Bear named "Boo" and his stuffed "Lion." They are his best friends.
  • His first set of words were Mama, Da-Da, and "Gotta Go". When Kate is dragging in the morning
  • As soon as he finishes his food in his high chair he immediately says "baff" and "teef" which means he's ready to go take his bath and brush his teeth. He's so used to the routine I couldn't skip it if I tried.
  • He thinks that if shuts his eyes real tight when he's in trouble and/or tries to hide from me that he immediately becomes invisible.
  • He loves cars and trucks. He got a Lightning McQueen racecar for Christmas and he calls it Ka-chow, we watched CARS many times while we were snowed in at home for a few days. 
  • He loves Cookies! And at the new school, Thursday is cookie day. They make freshed baked cookies for all the kids. This is heaven for Brendyn.
  • If he is unsuccessful in getting my attention with "Mommy" he has learned to scream "AMY"
  • I can no longer sleep in because of Brendyn. He wakes everyday at 6:30 am on the dot, stands up in his crib, screams loudly for Mommy and immediately asks for milk. Joey (my husband) doesn't mind this a bit.
  • His favorite book is "Barnyard Dance". I've read it so much I can recite it from memory.
  • He loves to look out the window upstairs and look for our neighbors kitty kat that walks on the fence.
  • Brendyn can slide the button on my iphone and unlock it.
  • He's a kissing bandit! 
  • Lately, his favorite thing to say is "Kate. Bit. Me."
  • He likes to dance. His version of dancing resembles hopping like a frog to music. It's quite funny to watch.
  • He loves to swing. If you push him long enough he'll fall asleep in his swing outside.
  • He's a momma's boy! :) And I love it!

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