Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kate Dufour Music Movie

Bothering the Bunny

Kates Day with Cousin Jess

Joey recorded Kate and Jessica's play date and edited all of the footage and made this adorable video.

Kate & Jessica

After we took Kate to her first Auburn A-Day game, we stopped to see Aunt Sue and cousin Jessica. The girls enjoyed playing with each other and watching all of the animals. Here are some pictures from their day together.

Kate - 20 Months

April 2008 -- Kate is 20-months-old. We are amazed at how much she can already say and do and she's not even two yet! She surprises us with new words and phrases each day so we try to be very careful not to let the bad ones fly as "Polly Parrot" loves to repeat anything Mommy or Daddy says!

If you haven't heard already - Kate loves "The Little Mermaid." It is her favorite movie at the moment, and she watches it at least once a day and is completely mesmerized. I didn't think toddlers had a long attention span, but I was wrong! When the movie is on there is no one else in the room except Kate and Ariel. And if I sing "Part of Your World" along with Ariel she tells me to Hush Mommy!

She has also figured out how to turn on the TV and the DVD player. She enjoys reading and singing; loves animals - especially dogs and cats -- enjoys being outdoors; we go to the park a lot on the weekend. All around she's a very happy and affectionate little girl. We are starting to see more of her strong will but so far nothing we haven't been able to handle. We love her and enjoy her! She has definitely changed our life for the better!

The First Family Bike ride

Now that the weather has stayed consistently warm in Georgia, we've been spending more and more time outside with Kate on the weekends. So we decided to buy bikes so we can go for bikerides! This morning we got up early in anticipation of it raining today, so we could go on our first family bike ride. Originally, we were trying to ride down by the Chattahoochie river (because it was flat), but there was a charity bike race so instead we opted instead to ride in Martin's Landing because it seemed relatively flat as we assessed the terrain from our car. We couldn't have been more wrong and more out of shape! Our legs feel like jello - lots of small hills!

Kate, however enjoyed her first ride. She sported her Elmo helmet and as I rode behind her and Joey I could hear lots of "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Daaaaaaaddddy!!!" and " 'Mon Mommy" as I tried my best to keep up and not get mowed over by the Roswell bike club.

All in all it was a great day! I think Joey used the early ride as an excuse to tire out early and watch the draft! I think he's planning on following the same schedule again tomorrow to for Talladega!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kate's First Auburn Game - A Day 2008

Joey and I took Kate to her first Auburn football game, A-Day! Each spring, Auburn holds their annual A-Day game, where the team holds a scrimmage and it allows fans to get a preview of the 2008 team and the new talent. We met up with our friends Emily and Alex and their children Jack and Melody. We secured a seat near Aubie (in front of the cheerleaders) so the kids could have an opportunity to see and meet him and hopefully get their picture made. And we did! We have an Auburn children's book so Kate instantly recognized Aubie. She positioned herself on top of the orange cement ledge in front of the holly bushes and simultaneously wave and call Aubie. He stopped right in front of her on the other side of the holly bush and reached out as if he was offering to hold her and she willing stretched herself to try and get to him. So he ended up coming down by where the band enters the field and we got to see him (several times)and get out picture made. Kate and Melody were even on the large jumbotron during the game for dancing and clapping to the band! We had so much fun introducing Kate to Auburn and showing her around Auburn.