Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Cider Mill Pictures

Pictures from Yates Cider Mill

Pictures from Michigan Trip:

Michigan Trip

Joey, Kate and I flew to Michigan this past weekend to introduce Kate to her "Great Grammie", who will be 93 in December. We were a little nervous about the flight -- we weren't sure how Kate was going to handle the plane ride, but she was a pro! She fell asleep before take off on the departing flight and was a little handful on the way home -- a little restless and wanted to visit with the people in front of us and behind us! But all in all she did great! :)

On Thursday, we celebrated my mom and brothers birthdays with a family dinner and on Friday, we took Kate to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Michigan. Matt (my brother) and I were so excited to take Joey, Kate and Matt's girlfriend Bonnie for fresh apple cider and doughnuts. I have to say when we got there we were a little disapointed -- mostly because it wasn't exactly the way we remembered it from when we were little. There were very few petting zoo animals, and we saw very little of the Cider Press, but the cider and doughnuts were still awesome and well worth the trip! We took lots of great pictures near the river and got to see lots of the fall foilage! On Saturday, Kate met her second cousin, Brady, who is two. They played together quite nicely at Grammie's.

Halloween 2007

Trick or Treat! For Halloween, Kate dressed up as "Minnie Mouse." I found her costume at the Disney store and it was picture perfect! My favorite part of her entire costume were the glittery, yellow high heels, just like the real Minnie wears in Kate's size. Surprisingly enough, she was able to walk in them. We went trick or treating in Hilary and Elliott's neighborhood, and we did manage to visit a couple of houses, but Kate seemed to get more enjoyment out of distributing the candy to the all of the kids who stopped in at Hilary's house for candy! With our help, she would go to the door, reach into the bowl and pick up a piece of candy to put in each bag. A couple of times, she would stop and look at the candy and if it was something she wanted she would hold on to it, and then close the door, saying in a long southern drawl "Byyyyyye Byyyye". I hope you enjoy the pictures!