Thursday, January 27, 2011

"I can't listen because I forgot my hearing aid."

Kate and Brendyn started a new school/daycare on Martin Luther King Day, and I have a really funny first day story that I have to share.

The school switch took place following Snowmaggadon 2011 in Atlanta; GA Pre-K still had not resumed back so Kate's first day at the new school was spent in the  Explorers Club and on her first day she was having a really hard time listening to the teacher. 

Kate's teacher politely asked her "Kate, why are you having so much trouble listening today?" To which Kate replied, "I can't listen because I don't have my hearing aid today."(Backstory: My mom has vertigo and as a result has lost a large percentage of hearing out of one ear so she just recently got a hearing aid and she showed it to Kate while she was at our house and also explained to her how she uses it to hear. My smart-as-a-whip, doesn't-miss-a-beat four-year-old daughter decided at this moment that she would incorporate this as new material for reasons to not do something she was asked.) As a parent, you would think an experienced teacher would have known better, but I can't fault her since Kate was brand new. So the teacher called the director at the front entrance and asked her to double check Kate's paperwork and if Mom had left a hearing aid. And of course there was no note and no hearing aid.

You can imagine what kind of chain reaction this set off at school...

In the meantime, I called around noon to check in and see how the kids were doing, and Ms. Aubrey shares the story about Kate and the hearing aid. With the phone to my ear I put my forehead on my desk and laughed and assured her that Kate is not hearing impaired, but is more of a "selective" listener. So we shared a laugh and she says to me where does she come up with this stuff? 


Rachel said...

Oh my Lord - I totally cracked up at this!

Because I *do* have a hearing aid, and still my mother accuses me of being "selectively deaf", hee hee!

She is a hoot and a holler! Thanks for linking up!

The Dufour Family said...

Oh goodness! That's really funny that your mom accuses you of the opposite! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks again for the comment! :)