Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Due Date

I met with my doctor this morning, and I have a new due date - June 30, 2009. I am currently 18 weeks and I've definitely started to show. Today, I had blood drawn, which is never fun, but I had to complete the AFP screening, since I couldn't do the early down syndrome screening.

So, this weekend I'm planning to do some re-organizing beginning first with Kate's closet. We decided to stay in our apartment again for another year. We were looking at rental homes just because we knew we were going to need a bigger place, but with the uncertainty of the economy - we felt it was best not to change our monthly expenses too much. Joey and I didn't want to end up in a situation where we got in way over our heads, and with an increase in rent it would have meant that I could only stay home for less than half of the time that I did with Kate. The place that I really wanted didn't work out - the owner didn't want to meet in the middle so we didn't get our #1 pick. And, after that I didn't feel like starting over - I was starting to grow tired of spending the weekends driving around trying to find a suitable rental home. It was a tough decision. I was really ready for a new place, but we decided to focus on saving enough money to buy a home in February 2010. :)

I'm over due for an update.

Yeah, what can I say, I'm LONG over due for an update...

I'll begin with baby #2 first. My second pregnancy has been a wild ride compared to my first. On January 5, I went for my 13-week ultra sound appointment at the Atlanta Perinatal Consultants office in Alpharetta for a pre-down syndrome screening, which is supposed to be done between 11.5 -13 weeks.

During my original time frame, those dates fell over the Christmas holidays so I had to wait until after the new year, and during my appointment, we found out that the baby was measuring nine days ahead of what a 13-week fetus should be. The ultrasound technician told me I was closer to 15 weeks - which also meant that we could possibly find out what it is since the baby's genitalia is formed between 13-14 weeks. So as the technician was taking her measurements, she asked if we had any questions, and we only had one - Can you tell us what we are having? And she tilted the wand down and repositioned and said "It's a BOY!" Joey was ready to do back flips in the office he was so excited; I kind of had a feeling all along that it was because my second pregnancy has been so different from my first with Kate. So now we'll have one of each.

Kate enjoyed watching her baby brother for a while, but after witnessing how excited her daddy was, she wanted his full attention to be back on her in the office. Kate put her hands on Joey's face and said "Daddy, look at me. Don't look at the baby." I'm sure it will be one of many jealous moments to come. So, I wasn't able to complete the rest of the early screening since I missed the window. So my original due date - July 10 - was out the window, and I had to wait to see my doctor again to reconfigure the due date.