Thursday, March 11, 2010

February-March Recap!

I'm sure many of you were wondering if I quit blogging all together since we moved into our house. Trust me, I haven't forgotten about it. I haven't found my camera or hooked up our desktop computer.   I'm also back on daycare drop off and pick up duty as well as dinner, sometimes dish duty or  bath and bedtime. So by the time I sit down in the evening, I'd rather drink a glass of wine and watch some TV. I've also been overwhelmed in setting up our new house and trying to find our stuff. The closer we came to closing day the less I cared about keeping like items in the same box. Not a good idea... If we could fill up a box and make it all fit, we slapped some packing tape on it and moved on. 

Here's a recap of the latest happenings of the last month:
* Closed on our new house and moved in!
* I celebrated my 30th Birthday on February 21 with a surprise party thrown and attended by
  wonderful friends and family.

* On day 3 of home ownership, I locked myself out after a big grocery trip and had to break into our house through the garage. I took a hammer and beat the handle off and worked my way in with a pair of scissors and a pre-approved credit card that was unopened in my car.
* Brendyn  & Kate started their new school and are loving it!
* Brendyn is now 8-months-old. He's crawling and pulling up! His top 4 teeth are coming in.
* Kate has made new friends in our neighborhood and loves to play outside on her swing set and ride her

* We've started our first home improvement project - repainting the dining room followed by the kitchen.