Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Six and Half Weeks - It's Not Even A Bean

At 4:45 pm today, I went for my first official ultrasound in Marietta. Joey and Kate joined me to catch the first glimpse of the second "bean", but sadly baby #2 is not even the size of a bean. The baby measured 8 mm, which is about the size of a single grain of rice. According to the technician, I can officially announce that I am six and a half weeks pregnant and my new official due date is July 10, 2009. I won't waste your time by posting the ultrasound photo - you can't see anything except to plus signs where they marked to measure the fetus. Plus I'm not too keen on posting my uterus on the world wide web for all to see... No thanks!

The second most asked question I get besides "How far along are you?" and "When are you due?" is "how are you feeling?" I can definitely say that I haven't had morning sickness again this time around, but I definitely have more moments during my second pregnancy where I feel lightheaded and nauseated. Which was one of the big tell tale signs for me this second time around. And I'm tired. But, I've made it two nights so far this week without falling asleep before 9 pm. So far the best way to describe me is tired and hungry.

I've been eating really healthy this time around. I think several months of eating non-stop toddler food will do that to a prego. I've joined Joey on "The Transformation Challenge" which is a diet for him, but a chance to eat healthier and leaner foods for me. The positive is I eat double the portion, but since I'm eating the right foods instead of Mac n' cheese and bits of left over hotdog, I haven't felt as bad. So lots of protein, vegetables, and fruit with an occasional Double Stuff Oreo thrown in the mix. What can I say - it's still a weakness. But I think it also makes for a really sweet baby!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kate is going to be a Big Sister

Yep, that's right... I'm pregnant!

And this time I figured it out early as opposed to ignoring the signs for an entire first trimester. I have to say it is MUCH easier to spot the early warning signs the second time around. :)

I went to my first official doctor's appointment yesterday, Monday, November 17. As of right now, my doctor estimates that I am between 7-8 weeks. I go back tomorrow at 4:45 pm for an ultrasound so stay tuned for the details...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Kate & Hayley close down the party at Weatherstone

Kate & Amy, Avery & Sarah, Hayley & Steph

Amy & Kate

Last night, I met up with two of my friends from work, Stephanie and Sarah, and we enjoyed the Halloween festivities at the Weatherstone neighborhood party. Kate was able to see her friend Hayley, who was dressed as Minnie Mouse as well as Avery Calvert who came dressed as a pony. We all enjoyed getting to catch up off the clock as well as see each others children in costume. The kids also enjoyed painting pumpkins and running around with the other kids who were dressed up!

Berry Patch Farm - In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin

So many pumpkins to choose from...

Kate & Davis pose for a picture in the pumpkin patch
One last picture before picking out our pumpkins

On Sunday, October 26, we met our friends Hilary & Elliott and their son Davis at Berry Patch Farms in Woodstock, GA to visit the pumpkin patch. We all took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and had fun walking over and picking up lots of tiny pumpkins, squash and gords. We finally made our way over to the big field where we took some pictures of the kids and selected the perfect pumpkin. Kate had fun seeing her friend "baby Davis" and showing him all the different size pumpkins.

Auburn v. Tennessee game

Auburn heads into the locker room for half-time.

Joey & I sporting "All Blue" against UT!

Auburn getting ready to punt the football

This fall, the Dufour family made several trips to Auburn to watch the Tigers play. Joey and I absolutely love to go to the football games and tailgate with our family and friends. And it is always neat to run into people that we went to school with who are in town for the game. The best part for us, as parents, has been introducing Kate to Auburn and also the tradition of Auburn football. She loves to go to the tailgate and I also take her to Tiger Walk to see Aubie, the Auburn band, and the cheerleaders. We've taught her how to say "War Eagle" and she has also gotten quite good at singing the Auburn fight song. It's such a treat for Joey and I because some of our best memories are linked to Auburn. We love it because we went to school there and it's also where we said "I do"; and everytime we go back, no matter how long we've been gone - it always feels like home. War Eagle!!!