Monday, February 8, 2010

How Many Boxes Will We Need to Move?

I am officially back from my work trip in San Francisco, and both of my kids will be spending this week and next at my parents house while Joey and I pack up our two bedroom apartment for our move to our new house in Canton on February 19.

Today, I went and picked up about 20 FREE boxes from Total Wine in Kennesaw (our unofficial moving sponsor), and 90% of those boxes are Crown Royal boxes. I can only begin to imagine what our new neighbors will think when we start tossing those suckers out on the curb after we finish moving in.

So to my fellow blog readers and followers, I ask you to post your best guess in the comments field for the total number of boxes I will end up using for this move. The number is anyone's guess, but keep in mind it will be a lot - we have two kids and my husband is a major packrat who refuses to willingly let me throw away any of his prized possession after 5 years of marriage (firefighting gear from his firefighting days nearly 10 years ago as an Auburn fireman, two tupperware bins full of t-shirts - ex: all of his firefighter t-shirts from college, his lifeguard tank top from high school, a "BIG JOHNSON" Cancun t-shirt from his senior trip - just to highlight a few that I'd like to get rid of) I will be tracking the number of boxes as I pack so enter your guesses below.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010