Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Drive

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of driving my two kiddos to a birthday party over in Smyrna. After a pony ride, a few cupcakes and some play time - the ride home was pretty quiet. As we're driving through the Marietta square trying to get back to the interstate, Kate is looking out the window and suddenly she starts chatting  about God and Jesus and where they lived and what they do. So our conversation went something like this:

Kate: Does Jesus live in the sky?
Me: No, that's God and he lives in Heaven.
Kate: Oh...well, where does Jesus live?
Me: Jesus lives in your heart.
Kate: What? He's in my heart???
Me: Yes, say you believe in Jesus, he comes and lives in your heart.
Kate: I don't see him in there.
Me: Just because you don't see him doesn't mean he's there.
Kate: Can he hear me?
Me: Yes, he can hear you talk to him. Jesus and God are really good at listening.
Kate: Huh... Well, if he's in my heart, how does he eat dinner?
And I couldn't help but smile. I didn't have an answer that at the time wasn't overly complicated. Yes, there are moments as a parent when your child will triumph with a question that you can't answer. And this is mine.

What are some questions your kids have asked that had you stumped in the moment?


Rachel said...

I love that!!! She is just darling!

My kiddo already started with the "where do the baby lambs come from" thing... and finally he decided the momma's tummy POPS. Yeah, I left it at that :)

Thanks for playing along - this was priceless!

The Dufour Family said...

Thank you Rachel! Kate definitely keeps my husband and I on our toes, we've always got to be 2 steps a head of her :)

This morning she was asking me about "heart beeps" and "heart ache". More on that next! :)